Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust

Deep Cove/Taipaririki is an arm of Pātea/Doubtful Sound and is the starting point for many land and sea based adventures.  In 1971, the Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust (DCOET) was established to promote and educate tourists and school aged children on the importance of conservation and environmentally friendly practices in the remote Fiordland National Park.  The DCOET runs a hostel and welcomes schools from across the country to this beautiful place.


The Leslie Hutchins Conservation Foundation Trust partnered with Real Journeys to provide the services of professional nature guides who spend two days delivering  conservation education to school groups.  The nature guides have a wealth of experience to share with groups, answering endless questions and supporting the school’s program.  This is free to schools, and deepens the experience that groups have while on camp.

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