Whakatipu Reforestation Trust

We are delighted to support the Whakatipu Reforestation Trust’s vision, whose vision is “to restore the native biodiversity of the Whakatipu Basin through revegetation projects, collaboration, education &advocacy.”

They write: We established our Community Nursery in 2014. Thanks to the dedicated mahi of our volunteers, we have grown and planted over 65,000 native trees on public land at our keystone sites, community group sites and schools. We are creating ecological islands and corridors that provide food and habitat for native fauna while importantly engaging and empowering our communities to make a difference to the global issues of biodiversity and climate change.

We are grateful to the LHCT for generously supporting our mahi since 2015. This ongoing support enables us to run our community nursery, helps towards our ongoing expenses such as potting mix, fertiliser, plant protection and much more. Our future vision is to continue working with our local community to restore native trees and shrubs throughout the Whakatipu, so our biodiversity can thrive again, creating a legacy for future generations.

For further information on our work, including upcoming community planting days, visit our website at https://wrtqt.org.nz/

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- Deep Cove Outdoor Education Trust
- Cooper Island Restoration Project
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